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ARPAN Dance Academy

Offering lessons on Indian Classical Dance "Kathak", Semi Classical & Folk dances 


Testimonials from Arpan Academy Family:

My daughter is very fortunate to have such an accomplished and dedicated teacher like Mrs. Bratati Saha. She has high expectations of her students and the students enjoy the friendships they make over the years as a group. Even though we come from far, it is truly worth being part of the Arpan Academy family!

Jayashree Saluja, West Virginia

"I  have the pleasure of knowing Ms.Bratati for the past eight years as my daughter's dance teacher. Ms.Bratati's immense knowledge and talent in classical  dance and her pleasant personality has played an important  and positive role in my daughter's interest in dance. Ms.Bratati provides a very comfortable, learning environment. My daughter enjoys and looks forward to her dance class."

Jigna Palankar, Sterling

"My daughter started learning Kathak with Arpan when she was only six. It's been more than two years and I can see Bratati's hard work and patience paying off. Bratati is a very passionate, thorough teacher and my daughter absolutely loves her. It's divine to watch Bratati performing on the stage and I hope my daughter can grow up to dance like her"

Monika Kollur, Leesburg

 My daughter has been learning Kathak with Bratati Saha since a few years; she recently appeared for her 3rd year exam.  My daughter has significantly improved on her dance skills and enjoys dancing.  I have seen Bratati hold per poise and temperament in times of crisis.  Had it not been for Bratati?s timely and thoughtful support, my daughter would have taken a break from dancing in times of academic priorities.

Ipshita Ghosh, Chantilly, Fairfax  va

"I found a greater meaning for dance and deepened my passion in performance art at Arpan Dance Academy. Under the guidance and instruction of my extremely talented and dedicated guru, Bratati Saha, I have learned so much about Kathak dance, from the richness of its history to the intricacies of the technique. I have gained a great deal of knowledge and technical skills from Aunty which have allowed me to have a solid and much better understanding of dance, music, and the relationship between the two. The opportunity to pursue a degree in Kathak dance would not have been possible without Arpan Academy or Bratati Aunty, and for this I am immensely grateful!"

-Sabrine Ahmed Iqbal, MIT

6th year student of Kathak Dance. Arpan Dance Academy

"I have been Arpan's student for only one year, yet I've advanced to a much greater level than I thought I was capable of. Bratati Aunty is an inspiration to young dancers and with her help, I have gotten the chance to perform at amazing venues for amazing people."

-Meghana Kapa, Briarwood  High School


"As a student at Arpan for over 8 years now, I love the school and teacher! The class structure is exciting and the atmosphere of the classes is comfortable. Ms. Bratati is great at working with her students to help them excel in Kathak skills. Hope to continue at the school with the same team efforts and collaboration! Arpan is a great school and definitely one of the most unique Kathak academies in the DC area."

Shubhi Maheshwari, Briarwood High School

Performance Testimonials

Dear Mrs. Bratati Thank you for sharing your amazing artistry with those of us fortunate enough to have attended the Tuesday evening cultural program at the Bangladesh Embassy.  Yours was indeed a wonderful performance; although I've been to Indian classical dance programs I never before had observed anything like your Kathak dance.  It was great!

  -Mr. W. Scott Butcher, President -Asia-Pacific Opportunities, Washington, DC


Dear Bratati Saha,  Thanks for excellent performance in 'Kathak' dance at the Bangladesh Embassy on the occasion of International Mother Language Day on February 21,2012.  

 -Mr. Swapan K. Saha Minister (Press), Embassy of Bangladesh


Dear Bratati, Thanks you very much for performing an authentic and traditional Kathak dance at the 33rd Annual Ambassadors Ball at the Ritz-Carlton on September 14, 2011. Your presence at our event was greatly appreciated. The performance added a special element to the evening's festivities, and our guests were delighted by your beautiful dance

 - Ms Emily Rouse, Sr. Communications Manager, National Multiple Sclerosis Society